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Basic climate control question...

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I've actually never seen this info posted here, on, in my manual or in the Bentley manual.

On the auto climate control, if you set the temp to 59 degrees (the lowest it will go), and the outside temperature is below that, will the climate control add heat to get the temp to 59? or is setting it to 59 basically telling the climate control to just "give me the outside air at whatever temp it is". My old Saab had a setting called "lo" rather than a specific temp at the bottom end to address this. If not, I guess its not possible to force the heat to be completely off.
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rob, if I'm not mistaken the car actually adjusts the temperature of the air depending on the temperatures inside the cabin, not outside the car. The inside temps are what determine if the unit heats/cools the air, but it won't actually "cool" the air unless the a/c is on (i.e. dehumidify and cool). If you want cooler air than that which is in the car, you can set the recirculate to "Fresh" and use the manual air direction buttons on the left side of the LCD to direct it. Once you're out of auto mode, IIRC, the car will not attempt to heat/cool the air. This could be total BS but it's worth a shot. ;)
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