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Basic climate control question...

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I've actually never seen this info posted here, on, in my manual or in the Bentley manual.

On the auto climate control, if you set the temp to 59 degrees (the lowest it will go), and the outside temperature is below that, will the climate control add heat to get the temp to 59? or is setting it to 59 basically telling the climate control to just "give me the outside air at whatever temp it is". My old Saab had a setting called "lo" rather than a specific temp at the bottom end to address this. If not, I guess its not possible to force the heat to be completely off.
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It works the same as any other number. It will heat or cool to reach that temperature.
Then again, another possibility is to use the system in manual mode, adjust the setting to "face" and use the dial beside the center vents to change the air to cool. I think that would work.
robg said:
I know this is an odd request-- most people wouldn't want the temp in their car to fall below 59 degrees-- but sometimes i like fresh cold air- but don't want to open the window due to wind noise.
gray330 said:
Actually, there is a way to get outside air without having it heated or cooled--open the windows :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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