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winwin808 said:
Is there any harm in jump starting a 325 ci? I've heard there can be damage to electrical components if done wrong. I went on vaction for a week and the battery was dead. my boyfirend swears he didn't leave the lights on but the airport parking attendant says they definately were. :mad:
Not a problem. As you may know, the battery itself is in the trunk but a wire extends into the engine compartment so that you can jump start the car via the two + and - posts right behind the right shock/strut tower. The negative (-) is not always strong enough. if it does not do the trick, clip the negative clip to the bolt on top of the stuct. On one very rare occasion I actually had to go directly to the battery in the truck, but this should be rare.

Make sure the car that is doing the jumping has a battery of equal or larger size (e.g. 12v, 24v, 32v, 48v) I can't remember the size of the 325ci. Check the owners manual.

I use a Dodge Durango in the winter and have jumped a fair amount of 325 and 525s in winters past without any problem.

if you have never jumped a car, here are some safety tips to follow

Its happened to me before, if you don't already have one you should get a AAA membership. AAA will provide free jump starts to members.

Good Luck
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