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Hello. Writing from Norway.
I struggle with the battery, it runs out of power overnight.
It seems as if the car is getting ready to start one time per minute.
Found out that it was something with diesel electronics and I bought a icarsoft i910.
These error codes appeared:
4212 Glow plug, cylinder 1
4B90 Rail pressure moniktoring actuator
44CC Charge-air pressure actuator
4530 Charge-air pressure control, control deviation
3F30 Rail-pressure sensor, signal
43E2 Throttle valve, activation
4302 Delivery control valve, activation
4011 Exhaust backpressure sensor before particulate filter, signal
The car is a 2006 318d E91
Hope someone can tell me what I need to change.
Best regards
Stian Engebakken
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