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Battery Issues

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Hello, new member here, I purchased a 2013 650i/xDrive 9 months ago, since then I have put only about 400 miles on it. Since the car is driven rarely, should I connect a battery tender to it?. Just reading a few of the posts, battery seems to be an issue when the car is not frequently driven. Thanks for you advise.
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Short Answer: YES

The longevity & lifespan of your battery is directly related to it's average state of charge.
I use a CTEK MXS 5.0 but so long as you use a smartcharger that has AGM capabilities you'll be fine.

Beautiful ride! Congratulations!
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Thanks, will follow your advice.
You're welcome!

I started using a tender when I was getting "Increased Battery Discharge While Stopped" error messages. It helped to "bridge the gap" until the drain issues were resolved.
I also got an OBD reader so that I could monitor overall battery state of health as well as a plethora of other information.

LOTS of info on this Forum Re: Battery Charge vs Driving Habits.
It's where I learned most about my car's charging system, IBS, etc.

@400 miles over 9 months I would most definitely consider keeping it on a smartcharger when parked.

As a side note, you may want to consider driving your car at least once a week, if possible (bring it up to normal operating temperature and drive for 15-30 mins).
This will help with engine longevity (keeps seals from drying up)
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