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Bavarian Auto Sport

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Anyone have any experience with Bavarian Auto Sport online? I'm looking to buy a cd changer install kit and trunk trim (w/o navi or fold-downs). The prices seem relatively cheap compared to some of the dealers in the area.

If not BAS online, does anyone recommend where I can get OEM parts and accessories (online or brick 'n mortar - los angeles area) without gettin' jipped.

BTW, it truly amazes me how parts prices can be so drastically different from dealer to dealer. Let's just say the dealer by my work <cough> Santa Monica BMW <cough>, has got some outrageous costs.

Thanks in advance,

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Pacific BMW (, Circle BMW (, Cutter BMW (, and to name a few.
I have bought tons of products from BAS. They have reasonable pricing, no sales tax and extremely fast shipping. I have purchased everything from cleaning supplies to a new e-brake knob. I highly recommend them! :thumbup:
I just purchased a windshield shade from them. Delivery is prompt (they use fedex). That's the only thing I've bought from them and it is nothing truly automotive (like parts) but great service nonetheless.

I have dealt with BAV, and my bro in law deals almost exclusively with them, i give them a GIGANTIC :thumbup:
i got my brake fluid and pressure bleeder from bavauto, very fast shipping, reasonable prices, recommended!

thanks for the vote of confidence....

For any of you who also looking to install a cd changer.... I did some comparison shopping:

Install Kit
Part # : 82 11 1 470 436 $49.95
Trim Liner
Part # : 51 47 8 266 561 $40.95

Install Kit
Part # : 82 11 1 470 436 $40.00
Trim Liner
Part # : 51 47 8 266 561 $32.80

The Circle prices are sale prices, and the odd thing is, I get the feeling their site hasn't been updated -- for a long time :tsk:
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