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Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to the whole BMW scene - just bought a '97 M3 Coupe :D! And I think it's time to upgrade the stereo a bit. I've done the stereo installs in my past two cars with pretty good success - however those have had custom boxes (as far as subs go) and have taken up much of the trunk space I had. Well except for my most recent install where I put a 12" MB Quart PWE in the quarter panel to free up precious cargo room. Anyways - back to the topic at hand. I've been looking at some other options besides building my own box, since I don't have too much time, nor the tools at the moment. So that led me to JL Audio Stealthboxes - you know - the infinite baffle ones with the two 8 Ib0's. From some of the forum's I've searched, noone's been impressed by their performance - even for 8's :( . Yes I know, they're just 8's - can't expect too much! From there I found the Bavarian Soundwerks Dual 10" Box that fits right up under the rear deck. Pretty spiffy! So - question is (after a long drawn out whatever you want to call it) does anyone have any experience with the before mentioned box? What kind of performance can I expect as far as output goes? I know the newest version uses the Alumapro's, which are great SQ subs - but what kind of SPL can I expect out of these? I'm not looking for glass shattering, wake up the neighbor bass. Just something to really have fun with - maybe hurt the ears just a little every now and again. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!
Benjamin Knibbe
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