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Bazooka Tube?

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New to the forums as I just purchased a CPO 2016 X5.

It came with the HK option and I must say that it is severely lacking in the low-end department when playing music from my iPhone. The volume is all the way up on the phone and I've connected it via both Bluetooth and USB. I've also tried all the EQ settings on the iPhone and fiddled with the tone and HK EQ settings to tune the lower frequencies. Oddly enough, the satellite radio seems to hit harder than the audio from my iPhone, but it's still missing the really low end grunt.

Unless I'm missing a setting that turns on the under-seat woofers for the Media input, I'm thinking I need to install a sub. I have run flat tires, so the spare tire well is available for me to hide the equipment. I'm leaning toward a powered Bazooka - either a 6 or 8 - that would fit in that area, and I'll order the Technic harness to tap into the system.

Can anyone provide feedback on running a Bazooka tube in the X5, specifically hidden in the spare tire area? I don't want to cut or modify the hinged floor/spare tire cover, and I'm not looking to win any SPL contests or irritate everyone around me in traffic. While I'd love to duplicate the amazing job XX did on his system (WOW!), money and time dictate that I keep it simple.

Thanks in advance for any feedback._a_