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On my 4th Bimmer...
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Alright, I posted a feeler a while back & these are now for sale; they are wrapped in Yoko AVS ES100's


Wheels: 2 of the wheels are in very good/excellent condition, one of the other has continuous curb rash on 1/4 to 1/3rd of the rim; the fourth has a "nick" in the outer part of the rim (very small, about a quarter of an inch)

Tires: 2 are fairly new, the other 2 would best be replaced soon as they are unevenly worn (did not get an alignment after lowering the car for a LONG time)

Price: $1800

pm me for pics

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY; that way you can check out the rims yourself & i will not have to deal w/ the hassle of shipping (actually had sold the set but refunded the buyer his money as S/H turned out to be a hassle)
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