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BC Button not working. Need Help!

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I'm making a new thread since I'm getting no response anywhere else.

I have a 2002 BMW 330ci with premium and sport package.

My BC button has not been functioning. I am stuck the dash showing the time. So I decided to come and read the forums for some help. I followed the advice of multiple users with the same problem and decided to replace the stalk. I bought the first one on Ebay.

As soon as I received it, I removed the old one and replaced it. BC button still did not function.

I looked at the wires and prongs for the stalk. There are 4 so I know the car is wired for it.

One day, I removed the outside temperature sensor by the front driver's wheel. The dash was no longer showing the time and was instead showing -40. So I reinstalled the temperature sensor and it was still showing the outdoor temp, but only the correct one (+75 at the time). This stayed like this for months. The BC button still would function.

I read the forums and came across the BMW-Scanner from PA Soft. I decided to purchase it. When I received it, I plugged it in to the computer. Drivers and everything installing correctly.

I go to the IKE section. The "On board computer" option was already checked. So I tell myself maybe it needs refreshed. So I un-check, then code. Button not working (as expected). And then re-check it and code. Button still would not work.

Okay, no problem. I come back to the forums and I was convinced it was the "like-new" stalk i bought from ebay. So I decided to buy a complete brand new one from a OEM parts seller.

I received it. Brand new. Wrapped. In a BMW box. I got exited since I thought for sure this would work. I go ahead and install it. And to my amazement the BC function still does not function.

I plug in the bmw scanner, fire up the software. Redo the un-check and check procedure for "on-board computer" option. Still nothing. It does not work!

All fuses are good. I pulled most of them (except for srs). I read too many threads on this and other forums with no luck.

Someone please help me diagnose this problem. Thank you!
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