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My E90 323i April '07 production had a strange behaviour on the BC data. The BC reads the following and it hardly move any notch. I tried resetting and it flips to 39 l/100km. It starts counting downwards and end up the same range.

AV. CON - 16.2 l/100km
AV. SPEED - 30 km/h

I realized the BC on the 335i coupe flips up and down when the car is in motion, and it normalize between 11 - 12 l/100km.

Does anyone get stuck at 16.2 l/100km and average speed between 30 - 40km/h? (My standard driving speed is between 60 - 80km/h)

Does your BC flips up and down while you're driving the car?

Please share your BC readings.
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