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Be careful of the line..

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I had a few hrs to kill at work, so I thought Id pop out my headlight bulbs and clean out the inside of the glass of the lenses.

As I reached down to pull them out, my hand hit the radiator vent hose and snapped it in half.

This is a plactic (?) hose that runs from the resivior to the radiator on the drivers side (US) along the top of the engine compartment. Worse, it had a single use clamp on it. Needless to say, I forgot about the headlights as coolant leaked out. Not much, of course till you turned on the car, lol.

I was able to rig a seal on it and will replace the line with something a little more hardy.

Just thought Id throw out a warning.
This hose is plastic, not rubber, and it will snap real easy if you arent careful. Its a moulded bit of plastic about 5' long which makes shipping a bear because its PLASTIC, brittle, and doesnt bend!!

What kind of an idiot decides to design a plastic hose that not only uses hot fluid, but is part of a pressurized system, into a $50g car?

Anyway, Ill be looking for the part, or a good substitute, tomorrow.

Im thinking of just running a line of high pressure rubber tube as opposed to getting the OEM. ID like to hear ideas on what you guys have used in as a replacement for this part.
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Good info Man. Don't feel too bad, every one of us has an "Oops" story like that. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
indeed we do... this one is still mild.

I once was shopping for service goods for the E34, and was going to do a brake fluid replacement, and I saw this castrol fluid, and on the bottle it specifies brake fluid for BMW and Rolls Royce, was the most expensive bottle on the shelf, therefore the best right.... wrong.

Ended up fart arsing around for a month, and rebuilt the entire brake system from calipers to master to hydro booster. That one was rather expensive, so ya, we do all tend to break things from time to time, but so you learn.
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