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I had a few hrs to kill at work, so I thought Id pop out my headlight bulbs and clean out the inside of the glass of the lenses.

As I reached down to pull them out, my hand hit the radiator vent hose and snapped it in half.

This is a plactic (?) hose that runs from the resivior to the radiator on the drivers side (US) along the top of the engine compartment. Worse, it had a single use clamp on it. Needless to say, I forgot about the headlights as coolant leaked out. Not much, of course till you turned on the car, lol.

I was able to rig a seal on it and will replace the line with something a little more hardy.

Just thought Id throw out a warning.
This hose is plastic, not rubber, and it will snap real easy if you arent careful. Its a moulded bit of plastic about 5' long which makes shipping a bear because its PLASTIC, brittle, and doesnt bend!!

What kind of an idiot decides to design a plastic hose that not only uses hot fluid, but is part of a pressurized system, into a $50g car?

Anyway, Ill be looking for the part, or a good substitute, tomorrow.

Im thinking of just running a line of high pressure rubber tube as opposed to getting the OEM. ID like to hear ideas on what you guys have used in as a replacement for this part.
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