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Belt Pretensioner SRS light fix on E60

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Hi All,
This is my first post, so here is a DIY.

I have spent numerous hours researching on how to get rid of my SRS light. I have read people using all kind of different resistors, from 1 Ohm to 100 Ohm, 2.8 Ohm, and etc. So I went to radio shack and got a bunch of different resistors. After playing with all of them finally found one that works, and it’s a 1 Ohm, 10 watt, 10% tolerance wirewound resistor, its rectangular and white seems like it’s made out of stone or something. 2 come in a package, and youll need both of them for one pretensioner.

Many of you will not like the idea of using resistors, but it works to get rid of the error codes, so here is what I did:

Error codes that I had after scanning with INPA:

98E2 interruption detonation circuit 3 (seat belt tensioner right)
98C9 resistor detonation pill detonation circuit 1 (passenger airbag)
98D4 resistor detonation pill detonation circuit 2 (passenger airbag)
9862 interruption detonation circuit 3 (seat belt tensioner left)

I tried clearing the codes without doing any repairs, but that didn’t work. So I tried cleaning all connections underneath the seat, and plugging it back in, but that didn’t work, so I finally did this and it worked

(Same procedure was done for both driver and passenger seat.)

First thing is unbolt the seat, and just lean it back onto the rear seat, no need to take it out.

Now disconnect the battery, and wait a few minutes.

After disconnecting the battery go ahead and unplug the connector plug from the pretensioner (one that connects to the pirate device, not the one that connects to the actual buckle)

***I also disconnected all other plugs under the seat and cleaned them all using electrical connections cleaner. (Wait a bit for the cleaner to dry before plugging it all back in)

Now take the two resistors and connect them to each other (just twist the wires together) on one side only, it should look like this, lol …side A ----oooo---oooo---- side B

Now take the side A & B and plug them into the plug that you have unplugged from the pretensioner.

Secure it all nicely with electrical tape so that it does not fall out, and then just secure it under the seat using zip ties or electrical tape so it stays in place away from feet and stuff.

Then just reconnect the battery, and clear the codes (I used INPA)


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Did your light come back on yet? I did the 2.7 ohm resistor yesterday and my light reappeared tonight!
Is the SRS light still of the vehicle??

Update us on what' happened.
I am thinkinb about doing this as well.
update please on SRS

I was also wondering ---- did this take care of the problem for good?

I wonder if 10 ohm 10 watt resistors will work?

I have a 98B7 code but think I will try this.
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I just recently sold the car, but the light remained off, no codes either.
e60 Pretensioner Resistance

Has anyone actually measured the resistance across a known good e60 seat belt pretensioner? I have the dreaded airbag light... indy says that the code (98DF) points to a bad pretensioner... so I bought a new one. that didn't fix it. Both the old and new pretensioners measure at or about zero ohms. General consensus online is that 2 ohms is the right resistance for a jumper to prevent the computer from turing on the light... does that mean that someone has measured the resistance across a known good unit and it is approx 2 ohms? I am looking for some way to confirm that the part is good or bad before I start buying more replacement parts. thanks.
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Tried the 2 ohm 5% resistor fix... no workie....

Still getting the error message.

What's the next step? Please!!!
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