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I have about $8K to work with.

I'm coming from 95 Jetta with a heavily performance modified 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. Can't milk any more performance out of her without dropping $4K on a supercharger with several stages. Not on a $3K car!

I love to drive my cars till the tires start to give out. Love to run it hard and fast!

A good BMW mechanic friend suggested an early 90s 535i to me.

I discovered there is also a 540i as well as the 525 and others in the 5-series.

I need a car that is owner-serviceable and reliable to the point where I can drive that puppy 200-300K miles with replacement of consumable parts.

I love working on my cars and don't want to give that up. I've installed most performance bolt ons. INstalled a custom interior and updated my instrument cluster as well. Wired new relays in to have keyless entry in my car too. I want to know that I can work on my car.

Can I do that with the right tools, time, and a Bentley?

For $8K can I buy a nice 90-95 5-series?
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