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Best All season tire?

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If I had my druthers, I'd get S-03s, but I haven't got them, so don't tell me I should get summer wheels and winter tires. I already know that, but won't. :)

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I have 205/50/17.

I'm thinking about going to 215/45/17.

I forgot to comment that I my first priority is steering RESPONSE. Everything else is secondary.
I should be done with my ContiTouring Contacts at or before 15K miles, though! Woohoo!

I don't want too much tramlining/road wander. In fact, I hate that. Additionally, since I run rather high tire pressures, going to a tire that has a -slightly- smaller diameter should help offset the size increasing effects of high pressures.

As for my tires... Well... I rarely drive more than 10-15 over the limit, however, I like to accelerate into corners. :) I also usually drive with DSC off. (I learned to drive on a '94 325i 5spd SP, and damned if I need pansy DSC! :D ) All of these combined factors result in impressive levels of tire wear. The other problem is that the Contis have so little traction that I'm constantly sliding through on/off ramps on the highways and such.

Quite simply, I drive in a rather aggressive manner if, and ONLY if there is space for it, i.e an empty road. I don't do anything in traffic.

I'm looking forward to hitting the wear bars. :D :thumb: :D :thumb: :D
I may very well end up getting a set of summer wheels, I'll see about it. I'm really annoyed, though. The WRX does better in the snow than my car, and it has summer tires. *hmph*
I'm totally convinced that an LSD is ten times more useful in any conditions than DSC.
Now... If someone will just release one for the xi...
I'm not exactly sure how the WRX is arranged. Whatever the setup, it's got limited slip to each wheel.
Unfortunately, the seats in the WRX pinch my ribcage.
The WRX is also geared far too high. 4th AND 5th gear are overdrive.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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