One of the first steps to increase the performance of your BMW 335i can be done by adding one of the best 335i exhaust systems. Picking the best 335i exhaust for your power producing inline-six not only gives your 335i a better sound, but when it’s properly tuned it can deliver a whole new driving experience without breaking the bank or sacrificing reliability and durability. A great 335i coupe exhaust, sedan exhaust, or even for your wagon can help make your BMW stand out in all the best ways. Here are some of the best BMW 335I exhaust system options we’ve found just for you.

1. Rev9 CB-211A_1 Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust System w/Carbon Fiber Tip

This exhaust from Rev9 goes from the axle back and bypasses your factory mufflers without replacing them. No mufflers mean more flow and more noise, and while relying on the turbocharger and catalytic converter to do all of the quieting might not pass muster with your local constabulary, it's not uncommon even on factory fresh performance models. If noise rules aren't a problem for you, this exhaust for BMW 335i F30 sedans will let the N55B30 engine in your 2012-2015 car sing. Stainless steel construction with 16-gauge piping should offer a long exhaust life and stay looking shiny and fresh, while skipping the muffler allows for maximum flow and loads of deep and rich sound. The pipe size is the stock 2.5-inches leading to a pair of 3.5-inch diameter carbon fiber-look tips. This system fits both rear and all-wheel drive models of that generation sedan and comes with all of the installation hardware needed

Pros: Comes with all hardware
Cons: No muffler, requires cutting of factory system


2. Tunerbits Stainless Steel Full Cat Back Exhaust for BMW 335i E90

A low-cost option for anyone looking to replace the exhaust on their E90 BMW 335i, this system from Tunerbits replaces everything from the catalytic converters back. A dual exhaust with H-pipe crossover to even out flow pulses, the system gives you two new mufflers as well as two resonators to give you more sound without being overbearing or making your neighbors angry. A 335i exhaust for coupe or sedan, though not for Drive all-wheel drive models, the twin double-walled exhaust tips are a four-inch diameter to stand out in your bumper with burnt-look tips to help your car stand out even more. All gaskets, bolts, hangers, and other hardware are included with the kit saving you from parts-chasing runs when you're halfway through installation. It's advertised as stainless steel, though at this bargain price we wouldn't expect the corrosion resistance and longevity of pricier systems so keep that in mind.

Pros: Affordable price, burnt tips
Cons: Low price may mean shorter life


3. Borla BMW 335i Cat-Back Exhaust System S-Type

Borla is one of the biggest names when it comes to exhaust systems for cars and trucks, so it's no surprise they offer one of the best for your 2007-2008 BMW 335i and 335iX 3.0L six-cylinder models. This is one of the brand's S-Type systems, which it says means "a classic racing howl." A pair of round mufflers without resonators do the job of quieting your BMW while helping to boost the sound over stock. The systems are T-304 stainless steel, a premium and high-quality material for long life, which is why Borla offers a million-mile warranty on all of their made in the USA exhaust systems like this one. An X-pipe joins the two exhaust flows to help maximize performance, with 2.5-inch pipes aiding exhaust flow and computer-controlled mandrel bends that are ultra-smooth to help your car have the highest flow and make the most power. It's also computer verified to ensure an accurate fit

Pros: Million-mile warranty
Cons: Tips are a little bland compared with some others


4. Dinan D660-0045-BLK Stainless Exhaust

Dinan is one of the world's top BMW tuners, with decades of experience going into every product the company makes. This BMW 335i exhaust is meant to fit the F30 generation cars and improve exhaust flow with less back pressure leading to improved performance. Dinan claims 6 hp and 5 lb.-ft, one of the only companies to deliver dyno-tested results for their exhaust systems. 16-gauge 304 stainless steel is meant to resist corrosion for years, and Dinan used a carefully engineered method called a Helmholtz resonator that is specially tuned to dampen out undesired vibrations and sound frequencies, leaving you with only the engine sounds you want. In short, no more highway drone at low RPM. Twin 3.5-inch tips are available in polished stainless for shine or ceramic black to blend in with your black painted car or jump out from lighter shades. The Dinan part also removes the factory computer-controlled valve so you're on loud mode all the time.

Pros: No drone, from a top BMW tuner
Cons: Loses factory quiet mode


5. Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust BMW 335i E92

Akrapovic makes exhaust systems used on some of the most expensive cars in the world, and they know what they're doing when it comes to power, sound, and lightness. The trademark of the brand is their distinctive loud but not harsh tone, making sure your car can be heard from miles around. The Akrapovic Evolution system is available for E92 BMW 335i models, made from a titanium alloy that saves more than 40 pounds from the weight of your car. Boosting performance even more, the best exhaust for your BMW 335i boosts power by 12 hp and add more torque, with the manufacturer claiming noticeable extra power from 2,500 all the way to 6,500 rpm. Trust the Slovenian exhaust company that moved from motorcycles to cars and have won dozens of world championships across multiple types of motorsports disciplines. This exhaust shows off even when your engine is off thanks to the twin tailpipes proudly displaying the Akrapovic scorpion logo

Pros: Lighter, more powerful
Cons: The best costs more


6. HKS Legamax For 2007-2009 BMW 335i Sedan

HKS has been building high performance parts for cars from all over the world since 1973 and have become one of the best-known names in the business. This 335i coupe exhaust is designed for 2007-2009 sedans, though models are available for coupe as well. It's part of the HKS "Legal" exhaust series, meaning that it's designed to add a little bit more than the stock muffler system, while not getting so loud that you'll have your neighbors calling the police. HKS says the exhaust offers reduced back pressure for more peak power and an improved torque band, but this one is also about having attractive tailpipe designs. Ideal for a car that's intended to be a daily commuter and not a weekend-only track car, keeping you and your passengers happy on long drives while still giving you the sound you crave with a downshift and a flick of your ankle on the gas pedal.

Pros: More sporting sound without excessive noise
Cons: You might want excessive noise


7. Supersprint Rear Exhaust Mufflers Quad Tip BMW E92 335i Coupe 07-11

This set of dual mufflers from Supersprint are designed to attach to your stock exhaust, or if you're spending more time upgrading your system, they'll also attach to Supersprint crossover pipes. You can even add a downpipe and performance catalytic converters, with the system available in separate components right down to a single muffler so you can repair damage without a complete replacement. The mufflers are designed to add a throatier growl and give you a strong idle burble with a tight rip toward redline when it's time to go. They describe their sound as "European" which makes sense for your European car. Supersprint's performance systems are designed to meet European noise rules, so you can know that your louder exhaust is meeting noise guidelines. The Supersprint mufflers are made from 304 stainless steel for a long life, with all of the tubing and internal components made from the same material, though you should note that the quad tip design could require some bumper trimming.

Pros: Meets EU noise rules, modular system
Cons: Quad tips need rear bumper trimming


8. IPE Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System

Innotech Performance Exhaust's offering for the F30 generation BMW 335i offers a feature rarely found on aftermarket exhaust systems. The Valvetronic exhaust system has an adjustable valve in the system that give you a loud mode and a quiet mode. Three different remotely controlled modes include off, on, and auto. On means open valves, maximum flow, and maximum noise coming from your BMW's inline six. Off means that the valve stays closed, and the engine sound is minimized for quiet cruising. Set it to auto and the system detects your engine RPM and how much throttle you're applying and then automatically adjusts the valves to give you what IPE calls "a dynamic driving experience." The exhaust fits cars from 2011-2015 and is made from stainless steel for long life and great looks. The adjustments are made from your smart phone, and there is also a built-in light sensor so that you can set the sound levels to the sun.

Pros: Quiet and loud modes
Cons: Requires OBD2 connection, smartphone app


How to Pick the Right 335i Mufflers?
The best way to evaluate an exhaust is to listen to it. That's not always possible, so turn to video sites like YouTube to look for the brand you want on the car you want and listen to exactly how that e92 335i exhaust sounds. After that, look for completeness of kit and warranty, as having to buy loads of extra hangers, clamps, and hardware can cost you loads of cash down the road, while an exhaust with a taillight warranty could lead to quick replacement and more pain down the road. If your budget allows, stick with known names as they're more likely to have put in the work and development to make the best exhaust for your BMW.

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