When it comes to customization, the possibilities are endless with the best BMW accessories. You can make your vehicle cooler, you can make it faster, you can make your BMW into a track car or a work truck. We understand that even if you ticked exactly the options you wanted, or found just the right used model (ZHP, anyone?), making your BMW yours is essential. After all, it's why you're here, right? We've found some of the best ways to accessorize your BMW, from performance to practical, and thanks to your help we've found some that we never would have thought of before. These are our top pics for the best accessories for your BMW, from coupe to crossover, 220i to X7.

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1. Editors Choice: BMW M Performance Pedals

Users including moRider love their BMW M Performance pedals, manual transmission car or not. They're a real M performance part that replaces your gas, brake, and clutch pedals with something with a lot more style and flair than the factory component. They're an asymmetric design meant to improve your engagement with the car, give a more dynamic feel, and help you to better use heel and toe techniques on downshifting. The thick rubber profiles make sure your feet won't slip off in spirited driving, even if your soles are wet. As an official BMW part, you're guaranteed a factory fit and the build quality you expect from BMW.


2. Best Tech Accessory: Sighill Wireless Charger

If you don't have just the right spec for your BMW, or if it is more than just a couple of years old, you probably didn't get the convenience of wireless charging. Forget about plugging your phone into a USB port every time you get in to go for a drive, this wireless charger lets your Qi-certified phone get power through the air in your BMW. This part is designed for X3 and X4 models from 2018-2021, but other models and years are available. The charging system fits into your factory center console, getting power from a plug into a 12V port that will be hidden underneath when installed. It has twin-airway cooling to keep the charging system and your phone from overheating, too. Give your BMW more tech than it had when it left the factory and bring it back up to date. It also has USB and USB-C ports if you need to charge or power more than one device.


3. Best Budget Friendly Accessory: M-Color Car Front Grille Sport Strips

Look, we understand that some of you think they're tacky, but M-color grille stripes are a great way to make your car stand out. They're cool, they're easy to install, and they're an affordable way to make your car stand out in a parking lot. While many use stickers or paint, these are plastic covers meant to go over the factory grille slats in an E90 3 Series from 2009-2012. Of course, they're available for nearly every BMW ever made, should you have a different ride. We haven't seen them for the new 3 and 4 Series ultra-tall grilles, but we're sure they're coming.


4. Best Cargo Area Accessory: 4Knines SUV Cargo Liner

Planning to take your four-legged friend with you in your X5, X6, or X7? You don't want to have to spend hours after removing dog fur from your carpets (trust us), but a cargo and seating cover like this one can help save you immense amounts of effort down the road. The design works to cover the cargo area and seatbacks, and even works with a 60/40 or 50/50 folding second-row seatback. A waterproof layer protects your X from mud, rain, snow, and anything else that Rover might drag in from outside, it's also a non-slip surface to make sure your best friend has great grip when you're driving home. Once you're done, you can hose off the cover or wipe it down and that mud is gone. Easy to install and remove, this cover can keep up with your dog large, small, or anything in between. These covers are also great if you plan on occasionally hauling plants or bags of dirt, gravel, mulch, or fertilizer, keeping it off your carpet.


Road Top Wireless CarPlay Retrofit

BMW has offered Apple CarPlay for years now, even bringing out the wireless version. But for Android users, phone projection is a very recent thing. As in 2020 and later, and only models with Live Cockpit Plus. The Road Top Wireless CarPlay Retrofit Kit Decoder for BMW works on nearly all vehicles from 2013-2016, those with the NBT infotainment system. The box plugs in behind your infotainment system and adds Android Auto support and supports CarPlay. The front cameras and sensors should continue to work, as should the steering wheel controls, and making all that work together is no small feat in a modern vehicle. The only feature missing is touchscreen support, but that's because it's not supported by the screen itself. Keep the factory look with the latest tech quickly and easily.


WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor Liner

Along the same lines are these custom-fit floor liners from WeatherTech. WeatherTech is the biggest name in floor mats, and they use lasers to measure the floor of each model to make sure that the fit is going to be perfect each time. The mats trap mud, dirt, salt, snow, rain, and slush, with a non-skid surface to make sure you have the same grip inside your BMW does outside and with channels to help keep your pant cuffs dry. Using WeatherTech's advanced thermoplastic material means that the mats are durable and flexible, but also virtually odor free. They're also recyclable when they or your vehicle reach end of life. These mats keep your interior looking fresh and offer the level of precision you expect from BMW. "Best and only accessory needed in my 2012 750LiX" said user UDMDriver.


Grab Handle Sunglasses Holder for BMW

Thanks to user bmehling for this cool accessory we hadn't seen before. It turns your rarely used diver-side grab handle into something much more convenient. A sunglasses holder. The custom-fit storage box is designed to replace the grab handle on most modern BMW models. Available in multiple colors to match your interior, it helps keep your glasses in an easy to find place and stops them from bouncing around your cabin. It also helps keep them out of the prying eyes of thieves, unlike a visor-mount case. The unconventional location will likely avoid the attention of anyone who does get into an unlocked vehicle. With a damping spring to ensure a soft and smooth close, you can also replace your passenger side handle if you want more storage for small items.


Modern Spare BMW X3 Spare Tire Kit

Even if your BMW came with run-flat tires, those tires are not always enough to get you home or to a shop that can get you the right tire. We understand that not everyone likes not having a spare tire and wants the confidence that comes with that feature. Modern Spare offers a spare tire kit for your BMW, like this one to fit the F25 X3, that includes a spare tire and wheel, an emergency jack, and a telescoping lug wrench that extends to give you more leverage. With the stylish carrying case, it's everything you need to change a flat, and it sits conveniently in your trunk or hatch. The tire's M speed rating means you can use it at highway speeds up to 81 mph and it includes a disposable bag to keep your dirty old tire off your interior and your cargo.


Curt 11367 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

Installing an aftermarket hitch was a must for our list of best BMW accessories because it is a great way to add utility to your BMW. The receiver hitch lets you tow a trailer, expanding your cargo capacity or letting you bring along a small boat or BMW Motorrad product. It also lets you add a hitch-mount bike rack, an excellent and easy way to transport your two-pedaled ride to and from the trail. A basket for that muddy camping gear? Sounds better than keeping it inside with you! This Curt hitch is rated to tow up to 2,000 lbs. (check your vehicle for max tow limits) and is finished in a durable dual-coat finish for rust resistance. The hitch fits 2, 3, and 4 series models and tucks discretely up under the bumper.


What makes a best BMW accessory?
Ultimately the best BMW accessory depends on the BMW owner. One owner may think that engine performance items will make their BMW awesome, while others will have the opinion that a dress-up item or something on the interior for user convenience or comfort trumps all. That is why our list is fairly diverse. While we did find some of our own items, many of these suggestions were offered up to us when we asked fellow forum members.

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