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While they're not exactly glamorous, the best BMW windshield wipers are crucial components of your BMW when it comes to driving enjoyment. At least when you're driving in wet weather conditions. The wrong wipers can turn your drive from a normal day into a white-knuckle terror of a drive-in just moments. Easy to overlook, unless you live in Arizona, those wipers are important. How do you know what's best? We're here to help along with some recommendations from our forums to give you the best windshield wipers for your BMW.

1. Forum Member Favorites: Bosch ICON Wiper Blades


Bosch wipers come strongly recommended from users @powun, @Alex_m57tu2, @davekara3, and more. The company makes OEM wipers for companies including BMW and they also offer convenient two-packs that let you replace both sides with one easy purchase. These Icon series blades are designed to offer up to 40 percent longer life and work in all weather conditions. Even winter. They use a spring beam design instead of a mechanical linkage, which helps the blades to keep firm and even contact with your glass and prevent streaking and missed spots. The FX dual rubber design is meant to resist heat and ozone deterioration, both hazards that ruin your wipers even when your BMW is parked. This set comes with both front blades to fit your 2016-2018 BMW X5, but Bosch offers blades for all BMW models.


2. Valeo Wipers for E90, E91 BMW 3 Series


Forum member @powun shared that Valeo is another very common OEM blade supplier and considered some of the best BMW windshield wiper blades Europe. This company will sell the same wiper blades to you that were on the vehicle when it left the factory, usually for much less than at your BMW dealer. This set is the OEM part that went on 2006-2009 3 Series models including sedan, wagon, and M3. Valeo delivers a pair in 19 and 24-inch lengths to let you change both blades at the same time. Because you should always change both blades (and the rear if you have it) together for the best visibility. The sprung beam design helps keep the blades planted to your glass, removing water and other debris quickly to let you see the road ahead. As for longevity, forum member @540 M-Sport claims that the Valeo wiper blades have lasted him longer than Bosch or other brands. Coming from someone who lives in Seattle, WA, that is saying something.


3. Bosch Aerotwin


Bosch Aerotwin blades come with adapters that are designed to fit your specific vehicle instead of multiple adapters for multiple cars and trucks, making them easier to install. The beam ensures a uniform wiper and the dual-rubber compound with graphite coating is meant to give the blades a longer life. A one-way wind spoiler helps the wiper blades to push down against your windshield, even at speed, meaning that you can safely see in the rain or snow even at highway speeds where other wipers can flutter in the wind. This line of wipers was recommended by user @bshore3rd who uses them on their 2014 BMW 5 Series. The set is intended to fit multiple 5 and 7 Series models of that era.


4. Michelin Stealth Ultra Wiper Blade Set with SmartFlex Technology


User @NytWolf uses Michelin Stealth Ultra wipers. From the same company that uses your tires, these wipers use the more classic hinge technology with a modern update that Michelin says allows even better glass coverage the length of the blade. A patented hard cover protects the blade mechanism from clogging with snow and ice, improving winter performance while increasing aerodynamic performance. Michelin claims to test their blades for more than 300,000 cycles and says that they outperform all industry competitors in that test. This set is meant to fit E70 BMW X5 models.


5. Trico Gold Wiper Blades


Trico is one of the companies that invented the wiper blade, and they've stayed on the edge of technology to this day. Trico tests the blades of these gold wipers to last more than 1,500,000 cycles. The easy-connection technology is designed to make the wipers a quick and easy install. A memory steel spring blade lets the wiper conform even more tightly to your windshield glass giving you optimal visibility year-round. They're also a more cost-effective option than the others on this list. This set is for your current-generation BMW 2 Series and should give you years of excellent visibility no matter the weather.


6. BMW Front Wiper Blade Set


If you absolutely, positively must have the factory part in an OEM box, then these BMW official wiper blades are what you're looking for. We understand that you want to ensure everything is as original as possible, and these beam-type wiper blades for F15 X5 and F16 X6 (as well as their M counterparts) give you exactly that. These are the wipers that BMW used in high-speed and Autobahn vehicle development testing, so you know that they are designed exactly how the engineers in Munich wanted them to be. Since they're not meant to fit on other makes and models, they also offer just one way to connect the wipers, making installation as easy as possible.


How Often Should I Change My Wiper Blades?
Most automakers recommend changing your blades with the major season changes. Use a new set every winter and every summer. That's because even if they aren't being used, the rubber is exposed to the elements and breaks down, leading to streaking, squeaking, and chattering.

We recommend replacing your wipers at least once a year, possibly stretching to two, but there are things you can do to help them last longer. Like buying high-quality wipers as they usually have better UV protection than off-brand products. You should also clean your blades the same as you would clean your windshield, as grime and buildup on your wiper blades can stop them from clearing your glass properly.

Windshield Wiper Tips
There are a few ways to help your wipers wipe and make sure they last a long time. To start, keep your windshield clean. Grime and debris wear down the surface of the blades and smears when the wiping is happening. Putting on new wipers with dirty old glass is an excellent way to contaminate your brand-new wiper blades and leave you frustrated. A top-quality glass cleaner is the way to go.

Clean the blades themselves regularly. Sure, they're fancy rubber, but they still get dirty. Some glass cleaner and a paper or microfiber towel will get the grime off the blades, which can stop streaking and wiper noise and make the blades perform at their best.

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When the skies open up, there are two we rely on to be safe when driving our BMWs. The first is a good set of tires to keep us connected to the road and the second is a good set of windshield wipers. Since we've pretty much run the gamut on tires over the last few weeks, lets focus on the second of the two. When you're talking about parts on your car, one of the least sexy items to discuss are windshield wipers, but none the less they play a critical role in providing clear vision when the rain is pouring down.
With so many options to choose from, why not ask the question to our forum members? What do you feel are the Best BMW Windshield Wipers? They can't all be the same right? If they were, auto part stores wouldn't have so much real estate dedicated to them. So share your opinion with us and the rest of the Bimmerfest family. You never know who you might help, or you might even find something that works better than what you've been using.