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Hello fellow enthusiasts..


I am new to this type of thing so please bear with me.....I want to do a comprehensive steering wheel flush, not just a simple suction and refill of the reservoir...

Can anyone help me identify a 2008 535xi or similar steering rack drain plug / bolt? Or are there hoses to be disconnected at the rack and or pump underneath the vehicle..........Any posted pics (wider and close up view of undercarriage location) would be greatly appreciated. Also, what particular tools would be needed? :dunno::confused:

Whats the word on Prestone European formula steering fluid sold at walmart for about $5? It says on the bottle that it is comparable to CHF11S...

Or should I go with Pentosin although its about 3x more expensive.....


On another similar note..... If anyone can illustrate procedure / drain plug(s) / tools needed for doing a coolant flush as well

I recently moved to the Chicago area. I have owned my E60 for over two years and it has been cared for by a great indy mechanic who I will no longer have access to due to the distance. At this time I am looking to start some DIY preventative maintenance. The other day I completed my first oil / filter change and I am now gaining the confidence to do more work. Thanks again :)
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