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Best geographic location to buy cars

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Is there a certain region that produces a higher number of problematic used cars? I know obviously it depends on how much the car is driven, exposure to elements etc, just wondering if there are any places to specifically avoid - ex. i have heard that utah and colorado have a lot of cars with salt and rust damage.
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I will not drive my new BMW in the winter months from Nov-April/May. We gets LOTS of lake effect snow here in Syracuse N.Y. and the roads are salted like mad. Just as bad are the roads themselves after a hard salted winter; potholes EVERYWHERE! I have replaced windshields on my winter cars due to flying chunks of salt & cinders that is also thrown on the roads for traction. Buy used cars from the southeast or south/mid west, away from the big cities and the ocean's salt water spray. You can eat off the frames on these cars after years in service. If you dont wash cars off every week or more in winter around here, they have rust popping through in a very short time. I see cars less than 4 years old with rust pushing through everywhere.
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