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Best of Show wax application

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Rip? In_d_Haus? John Lew?

I am at the point where I am applying BOS. I am using a P/C and hand applicator for the small areas.

I use about a dime sized drop (maybe less) to cover an area a little bigger than 1ftx1ft. During the application process the wax seems to be hardening before the area has good coverage. If I add more wax then I get a build up that is a real hassle to remove.

A couple times I have added equal amounts of water and BOS to the applicator and it really seems to help apply a thinner more consistent coat of wax.

Am I doing something wrong in the application? Also, in the areas that have a build up that is difficult to remove I am using Speed Shine to remove the residue.
What are your thoughts?
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Sorry I took so long, wasn't on the PC earlier. What I found was best was very small amounts. A dime for a 1x1 area sounds like way too much to me. I would just create a dot pattern over the application pad, like three or four cocentric circles of dots and then apply to the entire trunk, half a roof or half a hood or top or bottom half of door or fender. Then I'd keep PCing until it turned to a very light haze or was almost off. If I put to much on, it does go on like butter, I'd just widen my application area until it spread evenly and thin enough. In this case, a little BOS goes a looonnng way. I used maybe 1/4 inch of the bottle for the entire car. Used microfibre towels to initially remove haze and an all cotton towel with nap to buff to lustre.

Good Luck!
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johnlew said:
I used maybe 1/4 inch of the bottle for the entire carGood Luck!
Thanks John; I check the bottle when I was finished and I used less than 1/4 a bottle. I was using about a dime sized (maybe smaller) application to do the same areas you were talking about.

Also found that using Speed shine really helped with the removal of wax from the stubborn areas where too much was applied.
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I had the same problem as you Chip...hindsite now makes me think that maybe dampening the applicator might have remedied the situation? Dunno, I'm using the Griots Carnauba "butter" now, with no problems with application.
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