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? best price on Porter Cable orbital polisher (m)

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or alternative recommendation
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109+ applicable local sales tax at lowes
$115 I believe at
They also have the addional pads, accessories if you so desire them.

Here's a Repost from earlier this year:

I bought mine from Coastal Toolsfor $115. Griots Garage had them for $199 so it pays to shop around. Someone else on the found it for 3 dollars less, but by the time you added shipping and handling from the two respective sites, it came out the same. I would get an extra white foam pad (comes with one) for applying the polish and wax on separate pads, or get the pad kit they sell. Also, if you plan to use something other than the white pad, make sure you get the 6" pad counterweight ($3.00), it'll elongate the life of the bearings (website describes this for you)
The unit comes with a 6" white foam pad, wool backing pad (baa!) for bonnets if you use them. I have Griots Red foam pads for the wax application, which has a matching velcro backing for the Porter cable velcro pad. Summary of what I ordered :

(1) extra white foam pad
(1) velcro backing pad (might be included? I don't remember)
(1) Counterweight, 6")

I use one white foam pad for the polish stage, one white foam pad for the Paint cleaning product that I prefer, and the Red foam pad (from Griots) for the wax application stage. Many use the terry cloth bonnets over the wool backing pad for product removal, but I still prefer doing it by hand with Microfiber towels...I call it "sculptured wax removal" :)
Great site Rip. Thanks for the 411 :thumb:
Ripsnort said:
$115 I believe at
They also have the addional pads, accessories if you so desire them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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