When you’re searching for the best tires for your BMW, what you pick is more important than it is for many other brands. That's because a big reason why you're buying a BMW is for their steering, ride, and handling, which tires play a critical role in. BMW helps you pick tires by designating officially approved tires with a star logo in their size, but you don't need to limit yourself to factory or dealer tires. To help, we've picked some of the best tires for your BMW, chosen to suit the different needs of different BMW models and use cases. We're sure you'll find what you need here.

1. Editor’s Choice - Michelin Pilot Super Sport

How about modern tires for your older BMW? It's a great way to bring maximum performance to your classic, like this Michelin Pilot Super Sport for your E39 BMW M5. The Pilot Super Sport is the OEM tire of choice on loads of high-performance machines, with Michelin saying it offers 12% better handling than the competition and lasting up to twice as long. The tire uses technology and innovation learned at some of the world's most prestigious endurance races to deliver for you every day. It can't add horsepower, but adding stickier tires improves nearly every aspect of performance for your BMW, from acceleration to cornering to braking. One of the go-to tires in the ultra-high-performance category, this tire is ready to give you loads of fun on the street and is more than happy to hit up a track day on the weekend.

Features: Track-ready UHP tire, uses endurance racing tech to ensure long road life


2. Best Eco-Friendly Tire - Michelin Energy Saver A/S

If you want tires for your fuel-sipping BMW, like a 328d diesel or a 330e plug-in hybrid, then the Michelin Energy Saver A/S should be high on your list. Like the name says, this one's meant to be efficient. It's the most fuel-efficient passenger car tire the brand offers in North America. Using Michelin Green X technology, it's meant to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while being able to deliver confident handling and good braking even in light snow. The silica-based tread compound helps keep the tire cooler, another way to reduce energy use, meanwhile Comfort Control Technology uses a computer-optimized design to help reduce vibrations and keep road noise from your already quiet car to a minimum. Circumferential and lateral grooves direct water to help reduce hydroplaning during wet road conditions to ensure maximum control and safety.

Features: Meant to provide maximum fuel efficiency


3. Best D.O.T. Track Ready Tire - Toyo Tires Proxes R888R

If you want the ultimate performance for your BMW and aren't worried about driving it on the street, check out the Toyo Proxes R888R DOT competition tire. They're designed to meet DOT standards for passenger car tires, but they're not expecting you to use them on the street. Instead, they're meant for maximum performance for taking your BMW on the track. Large tread blocks are designed for maximum lateral grip while the race compound is meant to get to temperature quickly and remain consistent. Autocross, time attack, or just lapping days, all can be made better by this tire that offers grip far more than any highway tire. Even better, they should remain sticky through the entire tread range, and are meant to be used until there is no tread left at all. Consider this ultimate performance for your ultimate driving machine.

Features: Designed for ultimate track performance


4. Best SUV Tire - Michelin Cross Climate SUV All-Season Tire

The Michelin Cross Climate SUV is an all-season tire that looks unlike any tire you've ever seen. In this size, suitable for your BMW X6 xDrive35i, you might easily mistake it for the tread pattern of a toy tire. But Michelin knows what it's about, and this tire shows it. Full-depth 3D sipes are designed to stick to the pavement in snowy conditions while the V-Shaped tread is meant to maximize grip in the snow while displacing water in the rain. It's one of very few all-season tires that meets the severe snow traction requirements needed to get the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMS) logo that tells you it's capable of handling severe snow conditions. Though Michelin says it's not designed for extreme winter like ice and slush, if you live somewhere that gets the occasional dusting this could be the best tire for your BMW.

Features: All-season with severe snow traction, meant for all four seasons


5. Best All Season Tire - Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season

An all-season tire with a speed rating of 168 mph, this is a great tire option for your BMW 3 Series. It starts with an asymmetric tread design that delivers excellent steering response and handling, not muting the work of the designers at BMW. Full-depth tread sipes make sure that the tire has confident grip and can displace water even as it wears while a rim protector helps keep your alloys free from harm if you happen to venture too close to a curb. Designed for wet and dry performance, it should also be able to handle mild winter conditions. These high-performance all-season tires come with a 50,000-mile warranty and reviews compliment them for being smooth and quiet for a performance tire.

Features: All-season performance, quiet and smooth while offering wet and dry grip.


6. Best Winter Tire - Pirelli P-Zero Winter

If you're driving a fast car like the BMW M550i, you might not want to trade dry handling in the cold for traction in a foot of snow. The Pirelli P-Zero Winter offers an excellent compromise that includes a winter-ready tread compound to stay flexible and maintain traction in the cold. It has deep grooves to get slush and water away from the contact batch and loads of sipes on the inside for stability in the snow. It wears the 3PMS sign of a snow tire and will do just fine in most snow and ice conditions, but it will also still give you the fun and handling you want in conditions that are dry and cold. Many snow tires give up on dry handling completely in favor of better handling in the worst ice and snow conditions, but if you're looking for BMW tires we think this is a great way to go.

Features: Maintains dry handling abilities in the cold, can handle snow and ice


7. Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Run Flat

An excellent grand-touring class tire for your BMW 3 series including the BMW 328i, the Cinturato P7 is designed for drivers who want confident and predictable handling, but who put touring comfort, long life, and low noise ahead of clipping apexes at top speed. The P7 is also a run-flat tire, which BMW offers on many of its vehicles today. That means this one can drive short distances with no or low air, in case of a flat, getting you to a service station for safe and easy replacement. Low rolling resistance for fuel savings and longer life, the P7 is also produced using eco-focused manufacturing techniques to help lessen the impact of your car on the planet while also lessening the impact of the road on you and your vehicle.

Features: Run-flat design, low rolling resistance


8. Continental CrossContact LX20

Continental's CrossContact LX 20 is designed for crossovers and SUVs, a great BMW X5 tire. A tread wear rating of 680 should mean a very long service life, and the tire comes with a 70,000-mile warranty that includes roadside assistance. This tire is designed for on-highway performance and improved fuel economy, but it is also tough enough to handle light off-roading and provides some traction in light snow. Notched shoulder tread blocks are meant to work with continuous center ribs to improve steering response and straight-line stability while enhancing ride comfort. Additionally, the CrossContact LX20 also comes with a sidewall flange that's designed to help protect your expensive alloys from light curb or off-roading damage.

Features: Ready for on-road, off-road, and even light snow


9. Pirelli P Zero

The Pirelli P Zero is an excellent maximum performance choice for the fastest BMWs like your BMW M3 or BMW M4. Original equipment on cars from BMW as well as AMG, Audi, and Lamborghini, this one is strictly for summer (or at least warm) temperatures only. The special tread compound is meant to work well even before it's warmed up, then to perform with max performance when up to temperature. The tread is designed to minimize deformation to improve steering feel and vehicle response while maintaining hydroplaning resistance in the wet. Nanocomposites in the rubber under the tread protect the casing of the tire and are meant to help improve ride comfort. Another track-ready tire, the P Zero can give you optimal performance on your everyday drive, at the expense of some tire life and noise.

Features: Max performance track-ready rubber


But My Car Came with Run Flat Tires?
Your car may have come with run-flat tires from the factory, and while we have one on the list here, there are some pros and cons to run-flat tires. Run-flat tire pros include the ability to drive safely for a short distance on a flat or low tire, letting you get off the highway. Run-flat tire cons include that the tire can likely not be repaired after driving on it flat. Run-flat tires are often more expensive and offer less selection, while the stiff sidewalls required to support the vehicle without air add loads of stiffness to the ride of your vehicle, harming ride comfort over bumps.

How do I Pick BMW Tires?
It can be easy to lean toward the highest-performance tires available, just like those with an exceptionally low-price tag can be appealing. But look at how you use your BMW. If you plan on attacking the occasional off-ramp and nothing more, then a touring-type tire can give you better fuel economy, longer life, and a smoother quieter ride. On the other hand, if you're constantly carving corners, then a performance tire is a necessity. If you're spending time on gravel or dirt, then you'll definitely want a tire for your BMW that can handle the extra abuse those surfaces bring. When it comes to cheap tires, we recommend you stick with the brand names you know. After all, you didn't pick a BMW because it was a bargain, you picked it because you were expecting a certain level of luxury and performance. Don't spoil that with tires better suited for a wheelbarrow than a luxury German automobile or SUV.

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