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Better Speakers w/ stock unit - any better?

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Just need to know if anyone out here has any luck with just changing their speakers and have gotten better sound?

I know to do it right, speakers, amps, head unit, etc...

Right now the high tech industry is on shaky ground....lay offs.....don't wanna spend a lot of money.

If someone has changed just speakers with good results, can you provide specs - model #, cost, etc...

Thanks again.
I've gotten more enjoyment and knowledge from this site.
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I'm pleased with the HK system. have a look at my home page and read my section on car stereo and then the section on how i retrofitted the HK system.

have fun and good luck.

anyway, unless you upgrade the amp as well, you need to stay with OEM speakers.
I replaced all the stock speakers (well, 6 of 10; leaving the mids disconnected) when I had the various parts of the car apart for other reasons, and right now, without the amp and other stuff I have waiting for me to fashion a wiring harness, may I say it sounds like total crap. Not only does the stock amp not have enough power to run the speakers (Focal separates and morel woofers) at even 70db, the impedance and crossover mismatches make the Focals sound like a boombox with a Radio Shack tweeter glued to the top. :thumbdwn:

Needless to say the radio remains mostly off until I get the amp installed.
Kaz, I'm very interested in how your project comes out, especially with how you handle the wiring. doubt I'll upgrade but what you're doing does sound interesting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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