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I just heard from Bart, one of your compatriots at Tirerack. I will look at the Dunlop tires you recommended. After talking to the service manager at my BMW dealer today however, I'm not sure tires will solve the problem, at least in the long run. He said the suspension for the Z4 is purposely set to provide great performance (i.e., it's going to be "twitchy" no matter what). I may have to give in and sell the thing--at least it's almost spring here so I won't have to wait too long . . .
I went with the Bridgestone Potenza RE 960 AS non runflat on my Z4. the tramelling is gone!. It is a function of the tread pattern, and is more pronounced with sport tires as opposed to all seasons. The RE960's are ultra high performance all seasons (Check the Tire Rack Ratings). I have 17" tires.

I would hate to see you sell it for the problems with the tires. The tire noise is also greatly reduced. If you check, you will see they are quite affordable.

BTW, corners at 70 are fun :p
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