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2019 Silver 740i
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Earlier this week, my trunk unlock mechanism popped out (or rather, back into the trunk) when I pressed the rubber grip to open it. Upon further examination it appears there is evidence of tampering (a couple of small screwdriver-sized indentations in the rubber near the outer seal). That being said, the rubber seal around the edge of the mechanism shows signs of deterioration so it is possible that the seal simply failed.

My 2006 330i was parked in a public garage in SF and auto burglary has greatly increased in the city. However given the mixed evidence I cannot conclusively establish that the car was burglarized, particularly as nothing was missing from the trunk or passenger compartment. I was able to "fix" the problem by popping the trunk mechanism back into the trunk hole (wires were still attached) and it seems to function fine now.

Just wanted to warn those of you who (like me) own older vehicles where other rubber seals (windows, etc.) have been deteriorating - your trunk is no longer safe for storing valuables.

Also wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar issue?
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