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Beyern Rapp / 555 Nitto's 4 sale...

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I had these up for 1,000 and had some nips but no real bites....I'm ready to drop to $ 700 cash pick up only and these are in immaculate have aprox. 350+/- miles on them as do the rims....they are all mounted, balanced and ready to put on your car....the only reason I am selling is because I totaled my 330i (with the stock rims and snow tires on it).....feel free to give me a call and if I don't pick up please leave your contact info.....thanks, Bryan 603-897-5894


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Awesome rims and tires !!!

New price !!!

You pick them up (Pep Boy7's down the street replaces them for free ).....500 bucks cash.....I need to get these out of my house....once again ....bolt on and go....awesome tires and me ( please leave a message )....603-897-5894, Bryan Finley
RIMS and TIRES !!!!

Bump !
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