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Big BMW/Audi/WRX/VW meet tonight in Burbank, CA @ Krispy Kreme...

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The meet is scheduled for 8:30 tonight and has been posted on 4 bimmer boards, 2 Audi boards, and WRX and VW boards.

These Thursday night meets were started by the Audiworld A4 and S4 forums to get to know new faces, show off new mods, race R/C (elec or nitro), and eat as many fresh glazed doughnuts as we can. Our first meet a couple of months ago had over 50 cars. I still go to about every other one, even though I sold the A4 to get my 3.

Everyone on this board that wants to crash is invited. I'll be there with my 3 and my new HPI Nitro RS4 and some other guys are bringing R/Cs too. Bring an R/C if you've got one and you wanna participate in the parking lot mischief.

The address for those who don't know is:


For a map and directions, go to and enter the address...


...go to Yahoo maps:

Hope to see some of you there.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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