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Comp Package or No Comp Package????

Big Dilemma over here: Competition package or not?? Opinions Please?

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Hey guys,

I was in the dealership tonight about to put down my deposit on an '05 Steel Gray fully loaded when I started looking at another M3 on the showroom floor with the comp package.

WHAT I LIKE (about the comp package):

1. I love the ZCP wheels. I am 90% sure I would buy them on the base M3 anyway as an extra set and maybe mount some all weather tires on the 18" wheels.
2. The larger and cross drilled rotors. I had no idea the ZCP package had upgraded braking as well. Anyone have track test #s that say whether or not the larger and drilled rotors have a true performance increase? They should, but thats not always the case from my experience. The vette Z51 has almost no performance increase with the drilled rotors.
3. Exclusivity - the comp package is obviously a bit more exclusive since it was only offered in the last year of production.


1. You lose the streering wheel controls. This is really big for me as I love radio and cruise controls on the steering wheel. Really can't make up my mind on this one. I am so pissed you can't have it both ways.
2. Louder brakes - Supposedly the brakes are noticeable louder with the comp package and probably break down a bit quicker since they are more track oriented.
3. $4,000. For $4,000 extra you can get a pretty mean set of rims (probably even lighter than the ZCP) from BBS or someone else and still have a few dollars left over. But you don't get the improved braking or exclusivity.

Have I considered all the issues? What would you guys do if you were buying it over today? Keep in mind I am 90% sure I will swap out the stock 19s for the ZCPs one way or the other. But I don't really like the alcantra wheel since I want the steering controls.

:dunno: :dunno: :dunno: So undecided at this point. Any advice would be great.


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Silver TT said:
Hey Bren - I am hearing from several BMW dealerships that the ZCP package is in fact the CSL braking package. But they could be wrong - as they have been before. However, I do know that the ZCP package has the same exact rotors - 13.6 vs. 12.8 for stock M3 and an upgraded Caliper. So what would be different on the CSL if the ZCP has the same rotors and calipers?

I am leaning towards the comp package for three primary reasons:

1. The wheels I will buy anyway and I have not found them less than $2,000 plus tires you are at $3200 right there. Not positive I could get $1500-1800 for the stock 18s so I am not really counting that as a swap. Maybe a $1,000 after shipping and all so I am out $2200 there.

2. Braking - while it may not be the best brake package available - it has to be more fade resistant than stock due to the ventilation and larger rotors. This is just simple physics. And a brembo setup or something would be $3,000 plus installation.

3. I would like to keep the car 100% stock (I always mod the heck out of my cars and it always costs more money than you thought and you never get the money back). I also think someone may want the slight exclusivity of a comp package when the time comes to sell the vehicle.

I see myself spending $4-5k to get the same upgrades aftermarket while losing the OEM Comp package status (clearly a debateable point) so thats my rationale - at least at this point...

Thx again for all opinions. They really help me consider the pros/cons.

As you stated, the ZCP gives you exclusivity, especially if you decide to sell it in the future. Point proven at this years Bimmerfest. Out of the hundreds of M3's that where there, only 1 that I saw was a ZCP. Just as well as the ZHP's. I could count the amount I saw on one hand. Money wise, it is well worth it. You basically summed up your own conclusion above. Although, I remember reading an article that stated that the Track Mode DSC on the ZCP is still too intrusive. Good luck. :thumbup:
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