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Can you narrow it down a bit? What type are you looking for? Roof mounted? Tailgate mounted? Do you even have a trailer hitch to do a trailer hitch mount?

I used to be partial to roof mounts on all my 3 series, and I always put a sticky note on the garage door opener so I would not drive in with the bike(s) on top of the car.
On the X5 my preferred location is inside the car. If you take the front wheel off you can wedge the bike upright on the passenger side with that side of the rear seat down and still have the larger portion of the rear seat available. If you have third row the third row seat belt helps hold the front wheel. As a matter of fact I have a bike in the car with that setup right now. Allows to carry bike and two dogs.
Alternative is rear hitch mount and for that I have a Yakima rack. That being said I don't like put the expensive bikes back there.
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