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On the E39 front, I buttoned up some nagging lil issues.

When we painted under the hood, we removed the stock insulation.

We had grandiose plans of using this really higly reflective heat and sound shield stuff and tricking it all out. In the end, that stuff just made the car look more race prep and less stock. We've established that this is not a goal of mine, so my decision was easy. I wanted to install the old stock insulation over the other. I mean, you can't have too much, right?

Well, the shop had thrown my old insulation away. :mad: We got another one and bolted it up this Sat after cutting the shiney insulation to fit between the supports of the hood frame. Looks like stock and that's great as far as I am concerned.

As an aside in this timeline, we ran some errands in the '02. When we got home, it started to rain. I don't know how many of you have driven an '02, but the low (stock) power and tossability of these lil things can get really fun in the rain. We swung and fished and had a few nice drifts around some neighborhood turns. I'll bet we never broke 30MPH, albeit sideways. :D It's weird getting into a newer Bimmer from a 30 year old one. We had the unique chance of going from the '02 into my friends '06 330Xi. Two very different animals to be sure.

Saturday's sanity was regained with some major pool floating and a really nice wifey dinner. After the baby drifted away, we snuck out to the pool and stars and hatched plans for Sunday.

Sunday would be tailight and LCM day. Seems that something went awry during the S/C install and we blew a left LED on the Celis tail. :dunno: Tyrone sold me his old Celis tails and some adaptors. Today was the day to test 'em out with LCM for an '03 car.

The LCM went MUCH easier this time than last thanks to the correct fastener. Lesson learned. We'd actually done the new tails and swapped the LCM after only about 20 mins. Nice and bright, but I'm still throwing a 'check tailights' code. Of course, the headlights are also missing b/c the ill fated AE adjusters snapped while being handled. :mad:

I got a call from the machinist today that he'd finished making the adjusters. Tomorrow, the new adjusters go in, we button up the headlights and install them. The car hits the road after two weeks sidelined. :thumbup:

After all of that, it was washing the E46 and the X5. My friend who helped out was all obsessive so we actually ended up doing more on the wife's 330 than I intended, but she's happy and all the married folks know that means hubby's happy. Since we'd gone sa far on her car, we simply HAD to dress up the X5. Though it is generally against the grain for me to spend an awful lot of time on this thing except for the bi-annual details, we went ahead and spent some time on it. Feels good to have a few nicely prepped bimmers.

Sanity was once again achieved with some serious pool time. Both my friend and I are kinda fried. A lil too much time out there forgetting last week and getting ready for next.

Next up is some software tuning to see where the power goes at full throttle. Still nice, but sometimes it's freakin crazy fast while others it's just really fast. Sounds to me like ECU, but we've yet to see A/F mix. All good things, friends.

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One thing that i've leard to do in following through Prop's progress is, HAVE PATIENCE... from someone that has really no patience in doing anything. :)
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