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BimmerCode HELP!

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Hi, I was using BimmerCode to code the auto start/stop function to last memory on the CAS module on a friends BMW F10 but something happened and now I keep getting an error message. I have the backup file but it gets to 17% and then the error message appears again. Is there anyone who can help me or is there a way I can use Esys to restore the CAS module back to default. Thanks in advance!
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Yes. Use E-Sys, Inject CAFD into CAS if corrupted (cafd_ffffffff-255_255_255) or missing, then VO Code CAS.
Hi Shawn,

I’m having issues using esys, when I go to connect my target list is empty.
Did you install psdzdata?
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Sorry I’ve now installed psdzdata
which targetselector do I connect to?
For F10, use bottom (newest) one.
Which caf do I select?
Again, the bottom (newest) one.
Is this correct?
No. "FinishedWithError" is obviously not correct.
so where do I go from here?
I don't even know what exactly you are doing (other then trying to Inject CAFD into an ECU) or why.

But, its failing meaning FA is not Valid, or CAFD is not compatible with ECU Firmware, in which case you can try older CAFD's, and if all fail, ECU must be flashed.
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I was coding with BimmerCode and then it crashed and I was unable to restore it from back up, it kept going to 17% and failing. The issue the central locking button locks but doesn’t unlock, the heated seats and temperature controls are opposite so car thinks it’s LHD. The electric seat slider when pushed forward moves the seat backwards.
Oh, yes. I remember now. So it's unlikely your FA has been modified in nay way, so it should be valid, leaving you to try older CAFD's, and if all fail, flashing ECU.
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I have tried all of them and they’ve all come up with the same error. How do I flash the ECU?
E-Sys - Flashing Guide v.1.0.1.pdf:
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