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Looking at many of the problems people are getting with Bimmercode, that is the serious "my car has been wrecked and the dealer had to reprogramme" problems, there is a consistent theme.
It has little to do with whether basic or expert mode has been used , although expert mode is best left for people who understand the concept behind fdl coding.

The reason things can go badly wrong with Bimmercode and why they cannot then be fixed is due to two underlying factors,

firstly that Wi-fi or bluetooth is used rather than an Enet cable , this is a less stable communication route. Top Tip one is to make sure you use airplane mode (no calls, texts etc) and only enable the function (Bluetooth or wireless) your obd dongle uses. I prefer not to use bimmercode with a wieless dongle (it is too vunerable to interference, I use the Bluetooth version as it has limited range and less risk of external interference) similarily I would rather not use a mobile phone to code as there are background functions working even in flight mode, Any interruption in coding , whether due to incoming call, app software updates, text message etc can corrupt read or write data. I use an iPad without 3G/sim, I disable wireless and use Bluetooth., I close all other apps on the device before opening Bimmercode. Also during coding, with the iPad, I put my mobile phone in flight mode and leave away from the car. This is due to the risk of it accidentally connecting to the car during coding. Ensuring read or write data is not corrupted is critical when you consider underlying factor two.

The second and probably main underlying problem with Bimmercode is failure by users to understand how the coding process works,. Bimmercode reads the ecu, it uses this "read" to create the back-up and after you make coding changes it uses the modified "read" data to write back to the ecu. If the read data is corrupted, Bimmercode will often continue working but your back-up and write (coding) will both be corrupted. This may effectively "brick" the ecu requiring dealer rebuild. Top tip Two - I always read the ecu I want to code, find changes then I exit the ecu and disconnect Bimmercode. Only then will I connect back again and code. This ***8220;read ecu twice***8221; process effectively doubles your chance of having a safe (non corrupted) back-up which can be used to restore if things go wrong. If you are very nervous there is nothing to stop you doing this even if you already have a back-up from previous successful coding. Each time the ecu is read it will create a back-up. I exit Bimmercode after the very first ecu read in case there is app instability, it removes the slight risk there is a wider app problem which could be carried into the second read. Never pick up Bimmercode for the first time, read an ecu and code. You will only have one "read/back-up" and if it is corrupted you could end up in this forum begging E-sys coders for help.
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