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Thanks a million John! Bimmerfest was great, the drive was amazing, everything was great. Well except that highway patrol at the end the day heheh...

I will post some pics when I weed out the bad ones.

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**What did the Highway Patrol want?**

Wish I could have gone, but too far away. What things did you particularly like about it?

What was the turnout like? Cost?

Just collecting some data points, as I would like to set up something like this in this area.

Getting together with a bunch of enthusiast, looking at other people's cars and mods was great.

Best part of it all was the drive though... One of the most beautiful scenic routes i've driven! We had about 150 cars on the drive it was amazing.

The turnout was very impressive. The dealership was waaaaaay to full with BMW's (they cleared the dealership of cars for sale) and it overflowed with BMW's. Hard to give you a anumber, but easily over 300 cars were present.

Cose. I'm from LA so I did not have to pay for hotel or anything. But the entire day cost me $0. =) Cutter's BMW provided a great lunch and some other freebies.

330Pilot, you don't own all of the cars in your sig simultaneously, do you? :confused: Seems a little redundant. :dunno:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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