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Treat yourself to the ultimate in automobile accessories! We are currently offering an AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Alcantara Steering Wheel*
for the E92 M3, handcrafted with 2x2 carbon fiber twill and special M-stripes embedded below the clear coat finish.

This stunning steering wheel is a modified version of OEM equipment,
which guarantees perfect fitment, and top quality.

The meticulous enhancement of this steering wheel was completed by carbon fiber specialists,
investing over 16 hours of work into the fabrication of this automotive showpiece.

Light dances on the gleaming clear coat finish over 2x2 carbon fiber twill, transforming and enhancing your interior and your drive time.
The vivacity of the carbon fiber and clear coat are contrasted with key parts of the wheel wrapped in perforated Alcantara leather, hand stitched in the
signature M color stitching and pattern over extra thick padding.

It all comes down to the feel and you'll definitely notice how much more substantial this wheel feels
when you grip it, compared to OEM - it's even thicker than the OEM M steering wheel!

We have one completed steering wheel available through this flash deal:

Custom E92 M3 Carbon Fiber Wheel with no DCT Paddles:

Regular price: $2,100.00 USD | FLASH DEAL PRICE: $1,700.00 USD

This includes wheel with custom M Stripe hand crafted into the wheel*.

Price breakdown:

Wheel - $999.00 USD
Core Deposit - $500.00 USD (Fully refunded upon receiving old core back)
Integrated M stripes - $100.00 USD
Shipping - Location dependent

To purchase this wheel, or for further information, please contact Ed
at Bimmian Sales
[email protected] ONLY.

*A fully refundable Core Deposit of $500.00 USD (five hundred dollars) is required. The deposit will be refunded upon receipt of your old core - ask for complete details.
Does not include airbags, buttons, paddles, airbag brace or wiring. You will re-use these components from your original wheel during installation. Contact our sales department for more information.​
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