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Black Asanti FS 22" inch Rims with Pirelli Scorpion Zero 295/30 ZR 22" - $2000 OBO

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Black Asanti FS 22" inch Rims with Pirelli Scorpion Zero 295/30 ZR 22" - $2000 OBO

For Sale:
Four Black Asanti FS 22" inch Rims with Pirelli Scorpion Zero 295/30 ZR 22" - $2000 OBO
Will ship from Fort Collins, CO or you can pick up

Email [email protected]

This is a 3 Piece Wheel. Please see pics of of wheel. I'm not an expert on this sort of thing, so please do your own research.
PLEASE check the specs (below) prior to making an appointment to view. Time is valuable and lets make sure your vehicle can accomodate them prior. Thanks!

Four Black Asanti FS 22" inch Rims with Pirelli Scorpion Zero 295/30 ZR 22" 103 W Tires for sale.

They came off a BMW X5. Same as the AF146 Black Wheels Rims 3 Piece??? I don't know. They look pretty similar, but I was told these are FS when I purchased. Tires being stored upright, but stacked for the pictures.

After purchasing, I took these into Discount Tire and they told me the following regarding the rims.

They are 22x10.
5 on 120 mil bolt pattern
Obviously fit at BMW X5. Two of the tires would probably fit the BACK of a 745.
They are offset +32 mil
Backspacing 6/32"
They are a 3 piece rim.

While I can vouch for the rims looking great, I cannot guarantee the tires. I was told they are $247 each, if new. I was told these have 75% tread left.

Beautiful. Rims look new, even though they are used rims. Purchased at an estate sale, as a fundraiser, in Aspen, CO. Owned by a national hotel owner. Paris Hilton's? I don't know. But found these at one of nicest estates ever seen.
Rims are in beautiful condition, 5 hole lug pattern. According to Discount Tire, tires have 75% tread. Very minor damage to sidewall of 2 tires. See pics for the 2 areas showing such. These are very close up shots, so that you can see in detail. Notice the small text on wheel, so that you have a reference point.
Purchased with 2 of the tires not having air, the other two did. I don't want to guarantee the tires, but they look to be in great condition. I can't say with certainty tires' condition, as I'm no expert. Probably nothing a minor sealant couldn't handle. I would put on my truck, but I have six lugs.

The black Asanti Rims however, are what really catch the eye. They just glimmer in the light. Have thought about changing my truck from a 6 lug to a 5, just to keep them.

Tire/ rims will only be shipped within lower 48 states. Shipping will probably be $500, according to UPS.

Please ask any and all questions prior to bidding, so there isn't any confusion. I'm no rim or tire expert, so I would suggest you do your own research. Pretty much all I can tell you is what I've said above.

Approx measurements: Tire width is 11", Tire diameter is 27 1/2" These measurements are approximate.

From what I see online, the rims themselves are worth $1.000 to $1,500 each, plus the tires are worth $247, when new. Have fun bidding! These will make any vehicle really shine.

Thus, $2,000 for all four is a real bargain. I'll only charge the shipping, if you choose not to pick up.

Due to the large amount of money, I'll need payment in cash, or meet at your bank branch in Fort Collins.

Please allow me to mail to a commercial address so to save money over sending to a residential address. Thanks!

They're just like the pictures shown. They're beautiful rims.

Please ask any questions over email. I won't have much access to email till evening of July 30th, due to travel. However, can answer questions then. But I've already put just about everything I am aware of, for these tires.

PS. These rims/ tires are not "staggered" from what I can tell. They all look the same.


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