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Black smoke and sooting up BMW 320d f30 with B47 engine

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I have a 320d f30 2016 with the B47 engine 48k miles over a month ago now I had it re-mapped and it started throwing out black smoke so I then went straight back and had them take the map off and put it back to stock due to the black smoke billowing out the back. They told me that it will now clear up and will stop sooting up but it hasn’t a month on from having it taken off, the exhaust tips soot up very quickly which never used to happen prior to the re-map. The car has a DPF and I have had this cleaned (on car) and an engine carbon clean none of this has seemed to do anything, beginning to wonder if it’s the DPF that is f**ked?
no obvious air leaks in any boost pipes or air intake pipes that I can see, after I’ve turned the engine off you can hear the turbo ‘winding down’ but it sound very rough, again no obvious signs of play in the shaft of the turbo and no loss in performance.
Just wodnering if anyone else has had any problems or know what it could be as it starting to bug me now.
This is what they always looked like
the map

now they look like this

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Hi there! Were you ever able to fix the issue? I'm having the same issue, in the same context: exhaust tips started going black a few months after stage 1 tune. My feeling is the DPF is cracked...

Attaching a picture with the exhaust side of the DPF, it doesn't look to good.
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