There are many reasons to own and use a dash cam, and that list is growing all the time. The latest dash cam models and technology from BlackVue give you the peace of mind you need and the evidence you hope you never need. Security-minded motorists will be very interested in camera models that offer better connectivity options and more camera angles than ever before.

High Definition and Cloud Recording

Drivers will want to check out the highly-anticipated BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE, a dual-channel dash cam with 4K UHD recording and built-in LTE connectivity. This camera offers both amazing image quality and Cloud-based access and storage capability in a compact package. This camera is especially interesting because it offers an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor for 4K Ultra High Definition video capture that is extremely clear. The rear unit has the ultimate clarity regardless of light levels thanks to the Full HD Sony STARVIS image sensor. It has easy LTE Cloud connectivity from a built-in Nano SIM card reader that lets you check on your car from any location, at any time.

blackvue dr970x 2ch lte

Don’t worry about the camera draining your battery, either. The DR970X-2CH LTE uses a Native Parking Mode that has a built-in voltage monitor that protects your vehicle battery, and the hard-wiring cable is included.

BlackVue also has the new DR770X-2CH LTE. It offers full HD-quality with 60 frames-per-second recording and it is available in versions that have a regular rear camera, an interior infrared camera or an external waterproof rear camera.

Multiple Camera Angles

blackvue dr770x box tamper proof cover

Another new model gives a broader view of your vehicle that records to a central location, giving you additional protection. The new BlackVue DR770X Box is a high definition, triple-channel model with three cameras connected through coaxial video cable to a lock-protected recording box that you mount and stow out of sight, like in the glove compartment for ultimate security. With the recording unit moved to a central location, the DR770X Box gives you a much smaller front camera that does not look like a traditional dash camera. The front camera has a speaker and microphone and is barely larger than the interior infrared and rear cameras. The DR770X Box unit also uses a wireless button that can be used to trigger recordings manually, giving you control during an event. This gives you a way to bookmark important files, too. For pickup trucks, the DR770X Box Truck model includes an external, waterproof, infrared rear camera, in place of the regular rear-facing camera, that can be mounted outside of the cab or on the tailgate.

DR770X Truck Box 3

BlackVue also has the new DR970X and DR770X Series. The 4K-capable DR970X cameras come in single channel, dual channel with front and rear cameras, and a model that gives you a taxi-view with front and interior-facing cameras. The DR770X cameras are full HD video quality with the same view options as the DR970X, with the addition of a truck-ready, waterproof external rear camera model and a new high-tech AI-powered driver-monitoring camera.

Why Do You Need a Dash Cam?

Dash cameras are increasing in use all the time, and the popularity is growing. Adding a dash camera can possibly lower your car insurance rates, too. Some of the popular reasons you should consider a BlackVue dash camera are:
  • It gives you clear evidence in the event of a car accident
  • It can help expedite the whole insurance claim process
  • It can help you prevent fraud cases
  • It can help ease the minds of worrying parents of teenage drivers
  • It can provide evidence of a hit-and-run when parking
  • It can record your trip
  • It is very helpful for instructive purposes when teaching someone to drive
  • It can help with theft cases
  • It can help with your defense in court cases
In a time when more people are relying on video as a form of proof, dash cameras, like the newest models from BlackVue, are going to continue to grow in popularity. There are cameras available that will fit every kind of vehicle on the road, and that will fit most budgets. Set up is simple and BlackVue offers a wide range of support and information on its website to help you pick the right camera, and can get you up and recording in no time. Give yourself and your family peace of mind, and get a BlackVue Dash camera.