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Blaupunkt Nav

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Anyone try the Blaupunkt Rns 150 nav? it's basically the same as the HK but $799
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Horst said:
Does it play music CD while navigating? How many Nav CD's does it need for the whole US?
From the ad:

"While navigating, you can continue listening to the radio, or to your CD changer, if you have one connected."

So it looks like you cannot use the in dash CD while navigating.

"The navigation maps are stored on NAVTECH CDs - one disc (of your choice) is included with your order. (There are nine discs available, each containing a different region of the United States.)"

But it does have two BIG advantages over the HK.

1) It is cheaper.

2) and most important, it is AVAILABLE. :)
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Re: I know,

Horst said:
it's a finished product, how long can it take to bring it to market? Change the label and packaging, and there went another four weeks. The new release date is 1st week in August.

About the navi CDs, a set of two for the lower 48 States, included in the purchase price of the unit.

The Traffic Pro has a gyro to maintain navigation accuracy, even when GPS reception is spotty.
Just so you know:

"Navigation is accomplished through a combination of GPS tracking (a GPS antenna is included and mounts unobtrusively in your car), an internal gyroscope, and a lead that attaches to your vehicle's speed sensor, which keeps track of speed and mileage."

What I want is a better built in nav with larger color screen to fit an E46. And one that works better than the BMW one (that shouldn't be too hard :)), and of course a reasonable price.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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