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***8221;m2 is best***8221;

Bloomberg, paragon of automotive reporting that they are ;) , calls the ///M2 the 2016 Best Sport Performance Coupe. The reviewer was also highly impressed with and recommended the six speed for maximum fun.

There are similar offerings from Audi and Mercedes (see the $43,425 S3 and $50,425 CLA45 AMG, respectively), but for the tightest chassis and punchiest drive, look no farther than the BMW M2.
The car never wavers as you wind through traffic; it doesn***8217;t hesitate as you punch past too-slow commuters. Driving the M2 makes you feel almost-heroic.
Unlike most of the luxury cars I drive, you don***8217;t have to spend thousands of dollars on extras just to make the interior experience seem special. (The fully loaded version I drove cost just $3,000 more than the base version. This car is a very good value for how well it performs.)
In fact, the inside of this excellent new coupe is much like the exterior and what***8217;s underneath the hood. The new M2 doesn***8217;t coddle you, but it does take care of you. In a true driver's car like this, that***8217;s all you***8217;ll ever need.
Read to full article from Bloomberg here!


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