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Blower malfunction

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Hi, new member here... I did search the threads but did not find any one of them that seemed to address my issue.

Have a 2007 328xi that I just bought used. All around, seems like a decent car, but here's my issue:

When I turn on the climate control system, i can here the blower com on, change speeds etc., but I can't feel any air coming out from the vents. I have played with the dials (O -) and they do not seems to do anything.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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You can try replacing the blower motor controller (P/N 64119222072), but if your fan doesn't at least work on the highest setting, you have either a dead fan or a blown fuse. I'll leave you to it. Welcome to the Fest. :thumbup:
Blower issues

Thanks for posting so quickly borderchris, the think is, I can hear the blower motor, and I can hear it change speeds when I change the speeds on the climate control unit... Just can't feel any air come out. It also doesn't change if I switch from auto to manual venting... Very frustrating. It almost seems if the pneumatic system ( if bmws have them) isn't working to divert the blower air to the respective vents. Am I making sense here?
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Thanks for responding so quickly, you guys on this forum are great! I've been lurking for a while but finally decided to join.

At any event, to answer your question, no, the defrost doesn't work either. It's really frustrating to hear the blower working and not feeling any air coming out:mad:

So no air comes on even @ full blast? No A/C, no heat, nothing works, but you hear the motor speed up or slow down...correct?
No air at feet at any setting?
Yes, that's exactly right. Hear the blower, but no air coming out anywhere. Frustrating beyond belief!
I know the Jeep Grand Cherokee 99-02 had a similar issue. The diverter door would break & close. Same symptoms as you describe, horribly time consuming to remedy. Maybe find a diagram of the system & start there. You have checked all fuses etc? How long did it work before it stopped? Did you do anything to the car previous to its malfunction?
I was using the car when it was still cold outside, and it got warm-so warm that I would have to turn the temperature down. It seemed to work fine, but I noticed then that I never really felt air blowing out. I thought that this was just a bimmer thing, but when it got warm this weekend and I tried the ac, that's when I noticed to air blowing out.

I haven't done anything to the car except put a new stereo in. I can't see how that would effect the blower...

As far as the diverter breaking, I would think that on at least one setting I would be able to get air... Hmmm really don't want to go digging into the dash unless I'm absolutely sure.

As far as the fuses go, no I haven't checked them. Would the diverter be electically controlled in this car?

Did you look at the link I provided?
Yes I did. Unfortunately that was a blower issue. I know my blower is working at all speeds, I can hear it.
Problem solved.

And boy is this embarrassing... I just put in a new aftermarket nav console in and part of doing that was to relocate the climate controls. It has great polarized plugs attaching it to the wiring harness with these little clips. Unfortunately I did not seat one of the two properly. When I took it apart today at lunch, the issue was obvious. Lots of air coming out now.

Thanks to all who replied and offered help. I apologize for wasting your time and expertise on my stupid mistake. Lessoned learned - check your work - thoroughly...:thumbup:
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