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blower motor p/n - can I use 64118385558 in placeof 64118372493 ???

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hi guys, bmw e39 528i 2000, 192kmiles

for the blower motor replacement (ref. this DIY by our beloved cn90: - i ordered 64 11 8 385 558 from autohausaz in advance, part arrived few weeks ago.

spent 4 damn hours this shiny saturday afternoon removing dashboard to find out that the old squeaky motor is p/n 64.11-8 372 493.9 (Valeo 539.9533.900)

looked at mfg label at drivers door, indeed, says "02/00" (I assume it means Feb 2000)

QUESTION: can use new 64 11 8 385 558 in place of my old 64 11 8 372 439 motor?
the size and appearance is about the same (from what i can tell), the only difference is the new part got black blades, whilst the old one has whitish ones (now dirty)..

if not, it's incompatible, then why? what's the difference between these two parts?

Appreciate answer asap, since the car sits disassembled (dashboard off, passenger airbag off, instruments off, you know) and the owner is unhappy (me).

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so I put the two parts side by side - dimensions are identical.

i've put the new 64 11 8 385 558 motor in the housing and it fits exactly, connector also fits.
can i just leave 64 11 8 385 558 in my 02/00 E39??? anyone tried this?

the exact labeling on the new part is:
acm germany 0157.0035
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ok, [due to no response, i couldn't wait longer] i just put the new p/n 64 11 8 385 558 in [into my 02/00 e39]. the thing [the motor] rotates fine, and seems to be working ok.

i'll ride for few days and update with the feelings/impression from the new part.

no chirping no more. which is good.
while i've found that tensioning the 3 screws on the blower motor housing has some [significant] effect on the way the fan sounds at various speeds (listen to it with the blower cover on, try various fan speeds). or may be i'm just picky. i think i hear some bearings noise at mid-range speeds.. but whatever..

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