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bluetooth problems

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im now driving a 2004 330 xi i been trying to set up my bluetooth :cry:
can someone please he:(lp
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Yes, see your other thread for my answer. :)
im now driving a 2004 330 xi i been trying to set up my bluetooth :cry:
can someone please he:(lp

what? i dont understand

do i have powered rearview mirrors
First question: Do you have a rearview mirror that has SOS Controls in it? This would indicate you having BMW Assist, which is needed for you to have BT

Second: What happens when you press the R/T button on your steering wheel?

Third: What steps are you completing to pair your phone, if any?
bt problems

1-yes i do have sos on the rear view mirror
2- when press the rt button the radio says phonebook empty
3- im turning the key once then putting my phone in pairing mode but my phone
finds everything else but my bmw:cry:
Sounds like you need to reset the bluetooth system... too many phones have been programmed in... give this a try:

1-Press and hold the button with the "speaking face"on the steering wheel, then after about three seconds, turn the ignition key to position 1 and release the button after aproximately 3 seconds. "ACTIVATE PHONE" appears on the display.

2-Press the button again for approx. 10 seconds until you hear a triple acoustic signal.
"PAIRED DEVICES DELETED" appears on the display or monitor.

3-To conclude the deleting process, turn the ignition key to position 0.

All the phones that were originally paired are now deleted.

Then to pair:

1. Key on
2. Press R/T button on wheel - ACTIVATE PHONE on radio display
3. Search for devices on phone
4. Key in BT code into phone
i try it several times it will not work. question do think the 2004 have blutooth ?
Quite possible it does not... I was under the impression that 2004 cars with Assist had BT, but it's only 2005 cars that do... according to the wiki:

Bluetooth Phone

The OEM Bluetooth (BT) kit is available for e46's made 3/02 or later. It is compatible with all other BMW options (including the Navigation system) except Assist (on pre-9/04 cars). Starting with 9/04 production (2005 model year), BT came factory installed on cars equipped with Assist (using the same module).

BT on pre-9/04 is very rare, as it would have to be retrofitted by the owner, and is expensive, so don't assume your car has it. Cars came from the factory with a card indicating a BT passcode, even though pre-9/04 cars does not have a BT module. The telephone button on the steering wheel also does not indicate whether a car has BT or not, but merely that the car is pre-wired for a telephone, as indicated by the sticker on the truck lid. On pre-9/04 cars, there will be a separate pairing button (located under the armrest - see install link) on BT-retrofitted cars. On post-9/04 cars, there is no pairing button, and the pairing procedure is slightly different that older models.

If you have the Assist, but would prefer the BT, you can have the BT. It's merely a matter of removing Assist (the BT requires the same harness that the Assist uses). The module is fairly expensive (over $500), and the best sources seem not to be dealers. Many dealers refused to sell to cars equipped with Assist (this may have changed by now, but was the case when the cars were new). Also, most dealers would not install it, as the module swap disabled Assist, so it's strictly DIY. It is a very simple procedure for even the non-mechanically minded, though. Check with Bimmernav [10] for install instructions, and current prices on a BT module.
Had the same problem so I disconnected my battery and reconnected it and it worked, try that.
i try it several times it will not work. question do think the 2004 have blutooth ?
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