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Dear sir or madam:

I bought a X6 (manufactured after March 2010) somedays ago, but i found is no way to update the bluetooth system on the car as i did the following steps:
1, go to
2, click Software update under the bluetooth interface
3, after input my VIN its says No software update available.

However, if i go to here and type in my VIN, then thers're many version numbers***65292; like: TX-002.005.021-002.005, TX-002.005.025-002.005, TX-002.007.03-002.007, TX-003.004.031-003.004. My car runs on TX-002.005.025-002.005 now, and how can i update to TX-003.004.031-003.004, because by following the fist part of this mail will make me with no answer, is there any other ways to update without poping to local BMW dealer?

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