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I,ve just bought a 54 plate X5 3.0d and to my amazement the car has an aftermarket Nokia Bluetooth phone kit installed but the car has the optional Bluetooth prep as a factory fit option !!
I've tried to pair my Iphone 4 with the car but i cant even get the OBC to go into pairing mode and show the lights in the top corner on the screen, could this have anything to do with the retro fit kit as the control box has been installed under the centre handbrake console ?

Just as a side note i cant get the TV to get a signal either and locate any channels.

Many thanks.:(
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Have you got the bluetooth manual? If not see link

Try deleting all previous phones that have been connected to the bluetooth, then try pairing yours again.

The TV, have you still got analogue signals in your area? This could be the reason you can't pick up channels. Can't remember the exact date BMW supplied cars with the digital tuner. Mines a 53 plate and is analogue.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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