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So I just got through installing the BMS air intake and the Split Second Turbo Tuner (SSTT). A few concerns I'd like to share with everyone.

First off, the BMS filter installed wonderfully and quick. The most challenging part is installing it correctly so it doesn't touch anything in the engine bay, once you've got it positioned correctly, your done.

Secondly, the SSTT comes with terrible directions, it should clearly state that the TMAP sensor needed for the plug-in is on the tube connected to the diverter valves. Which in fact is actually upside down so it takes a while to actually find and unclip it. Other than that is was an easy install.

Now of course the performance gains...

Almost jumping with joy awaiting the start up of my car, when I finally started it I was suprised I couldn;t really hear anything different besides a VERY quiet
"whishing sound" when I revved up to 4k rpms. Surely they should be louded I had hoped, So I took it for a small spin around the hood. Once fully warmed up I gave it some gas... a little louder turbo spool but doesn't seem any faster. Knowing that the ECU needs to adapt, I figured this was the reasoning to my so far weak results.

Then after about after about 10 minutes of driving, the car all of a sudden woke up! The turbos were much more noticable and the car was jerking me back into my seat. After taking a 20 mile trip back home (trying to keep it under 100) the car just kept making more and more power. I expect after a few days of driving even more power will come..

For $700, I give these mods a 10/10. Couldn't be happier with the results so far.
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