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BMW 1 series

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I used google to search but could not find any spy pictures of the 1 series. Anyone knows a lead?
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There were some months ago over at .org
It was awful. :thumbdwn:
Or how about those rumors that BMW is going to re-introduce the 2002?
You can find some "spy pics" and info here of it at the bottom of the page and other cars (includeing M7, new 5 series and 6 series). After the first set of pics, keep paging down there are more below. BMW 2002 NEWS

This is what the early pics look like:

you got to love that Chris Bangle guy:thumbdwn: :cry: :tsk:
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Quick! Let me go to the can (or loo as the British say).

I REALLY hope that the spy pictures are not the real ones. Who hired this designer? And why are some of us (you know who) were drinking martinis with him?:yikes:
Re: Forget the pix

EugieBaange said:
I have seen one. Is revulsion too strong a word? This this is even more appalling in the "flesh"
My immediate gut level reaction was, quote: WTF is *that*? This is when I knew something was very, very wrong with my new marque. :confused: :thumbdwn: :thumbdwn:

Ugh. So it's worse than even that stylistic affront depicted in the picture? Is it worse than the E65? :mad: :thumbdwn: :mad:

Good thing the decline in BMW is being matched by the revival of the American performance car (as I summarized on the off-topic board). :thumb:
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