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2005 mod BMW 116 i N4516B, Vanos problems

First of all I need to say am a engineer with over 30 years at sea, I have work much with engines in my life ( big engines on ship as well as small engines).
But here I need some good feedback from some BMW specialists. Learning new things every day :)

I wondering if there is some one here whit similar problems as me :)

My soon have a 2005 mod 116i, it had a register brake down due to broken guides.
I ordered new guides - new register chain and new chain tension-er complete - BMW repair workshop instructions was followed, also timing tools used.
Also used the correct torque on chain tension tool when set the engine timing.

After repair and start up still some rattling from register, decide to removed vanos open them up for check. Discovered wear and tear on the vanos plates.
Changed position of vanos plates as a experiment and install them again. Engine chain rattling disaper, then I decide to purchase new VANOS exhaust side and
Inlet side + new vanos solenoid.

Received new VANOS and install them according to BMW workshop manual - timing done according the book.
Engine started up and run perfect without any u normal sound.

I did traveling to Brazil for work on my ship, after approx 4 -5 weeks when I talked home my soon tell me that the register sound have come again ?
When I come home I tell him to drive the car home to my work shop and then not any sound any more ?
I did run 2 days with the car all good, but the 3 day the register or vanos rattling come again.

I did check the diagnose and alarm on inlet vanos ?, removed plug to inlet vanos solenoid rattling disaper but some time come back.
Changed back the old vanos solenoid it is the same case.

Have anyone had some similar problems ?

  • Problem with losing oil pressure forward bearing for camshaft ?
  • Problem with losing oil in drain hole center of oil filter bad o- ring
  • Problem with new vanos RIDEX
  • Problem with ECU

Strange is that it is not a constant failure, could be ok for days - some times happening straight after star up :)
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