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BMW 2004 530i transmision fault

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Hey guys I have a problem with my transmision sometimes it stays in 1st gear when it feels like it,or when I accelerate fast from a stop rpm goes above 4 and it kicks back down to 1 n the car slows down itself,I took it to 1 tranny shop and they toled me it's the computer there's a wire somewhere disconected,took it to another shop they toled me it's not the computer it's the transmision itself,I put the fluid in not so long ago so it can't be that,I just wanna know if any body had or heard of this problem need some suggestions thank you.
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Welcome to! I've moved your thread over to the E60 5 series forum for you now. You'll get more help from our E60 owner in here. Try searching around for other owners that have had transmission problems to get some ideas on what the issue might be.

Good luck,
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